Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Social Justice

Social justice is important to me. I feel like we aren't equal even though we "are". I still feel like some people who have authority over people aren't fair to a specific race that they dislike. Race shouldn't matter to people and their is only one race on earth which is human kind. Everyone is different I understand that but stereotypes are what keeps us becoming who we really are and how people think we are. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happiness on TED Talks

Image result for andy puddicombeIn Andy Puddicombe TED Talk All it takes is 10 mindful minuets he explains that we live in a incredibly busy world and that we are always doing something. Our mind is our most valuable and precious resource through it we experience every single moment of our lives. We rely on it so we can be happy, content, and emotionally stable individuals at the same time to be kind and thoughtful and considerate about our relationships with others. We also depend on it to be focused, creative and spontaneous, to preform our very best in everything we do. We don't take anytime to look after is we are occupied looking after other things. The result to this is that we get stressed out and go through many phases that we ourselves don't even understand and we don't know how to deal with it. A fact is that we are distracted and don't live in the present world as who we are today. We miss out on plenty of things that are very important to us, and assume that that is just how life works, but in reality that is not how it has to be. There are many ways to deal with stress. Some people keep themselves distracted with work, others will turn to our family to look for support. Sadly, some people start taking medication. Andy's way of dealing with it is to become a monk. He started to study meditation, and it changed things. It gave him to have greater appreciation and understanding the present moment how to not be distracted in thoughts,being overwhelmed by different emotions, but instead on how to be here and not. To be mindful and present. 


Image result for gritGrit is a good thing to have in your life. Having grit and knowing how it works can make you very successful in work/ school and life. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

     Humans brain has tripled in mass because they get new structure and a prefrontal lob. The prefrontal lobe allows us to experience things. We have an impact bias which means the tendency to overestimate the hedonic impact of future events. We might think that if we win the lottery we will be happier but studies show that after a year we are at the same happiness level as people who didn't win the lottery. People can create their own happy by synthetic happiness. Synthetic happiness is a mental immune system that can help us kind of make our own world in which we call "happiness." it also changes the way we see the world. Happiness is a inner quality where if your mind is at peace you are happy. Also if your mind is at peace and you have nothing you are still happy because your mind is at peace. Freedom is happiness best friend because you are free to do what ever makes you happy. The immune system works best when we are trapped because we have to b happy because of that we have. It seems like its the end of the world but in reality its the beginning of a new world you might just end up being happy in. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


     Happiness is the key to everyday living a fun life. Happiness is hard to describe it is a lot more easier to show. Anything that you like can make you happy. Some people take happiness for granted until someone else brigs them back to life and they notice that they are taking things to hard on them and notice that it's not always going to happen the way you want it to happen. Life may mess you up and hurt you, but keeps you going is how you show life that you are not going to give up that easy and get back up. Think about what makes you happy. Its a hard topic, you might think it's not but it is. You can be happy for small things like, family,friends,free education, life.  I'm happy to have music by my side. There are music schools that I can go to and they can teach me more about how to play or sing. My family? parents also makes me happy. sure, they annoy me, are always on my case, ground me, and etc but it's for my own good. They want me to have a successful life and im happy that they are how they are. They take me to places that I don't have to go to but they take me. They take me on family vacations, family road trips, get me things they I want not need. They take care of my siblings and I before they do to themselves. I am very grateful and happy to have them with me.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Many people don't have self- control or if they do they get lost and lose their control and its mostly because someone pisses them off. I remember I lost my self control when this one girl in kindergarten took my doll and when i found out I hit her with the doll. I felt kind of bad afterwards because that isn't like me. After that happened I got in trouble and they called my parents. When I got home my parents talked to me about how im not supposed to hit other people because that is considered rude and disrespectful. The teacher also put me in the corner because I was being bad I guess but I didn't know any better when I was 5. Now before I lose control I think before my actions. I need to think twice because the consequences can be worse that they were when I was in kinder. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reflect on TED Talk

     TED Talks are very helpful and encouraging. They encourage many people to enjoy their life while they can. Most TED Talks are about how people overcame something big in their life but each story is different in its own way. Everyone goes through difficult times but each persons problem is different. some might have the same problem but how the problem started or ended is different. TED talks are unique like you and me.